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VAC Proof & Safe

VAC Shielf

Your account is safe and 100% secure while running our servers/clusters. We do not use any external software to run our services, ensuring maximum security. (Check addition information for Overwatch Service)

How are our services VAC safe?
  • Our services do not interfere with VAC Servers while your account is running.
  • Everything is ran on our servers and never on your local environment.
  • All features are checked and approved for any potential VAC issues before release.

Featured Attributes

No downloads icon

No downloads

We do not request for any additional downloads, as all our services are ran from servers/clusters.

Offline internet icon


Your computer does not have to be powered on; rely on external servers to provide 24/7 support while you are away.

Database/Multiple item icon

Log inactivity

Any missed notifications are logged, as long as a service is running, up to 30 days, allowing deletion at any time.

Key Features

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In detail statistics

Each service comes with unique types of statistics to track your activity while the service is in use. A mixture of graphs, tables and numeral statistics are available for all of the services, providing you with a more aesthetical approach to the overview of your stats..

Multiple instances icon


If our services become overflooded with active users, you will be put in a queue, allowing your services to automatically start whenever that service slot is free, meaning you don't have to keep coming back to check yourself!


If the service offers notifications, then we will provide them to you. Taggable notifications set by user settings allow you track specific activities from that particular service!

More features icon

Custom game status & activity

Want to display a different game on your status to the one you are currently on? No problem! Using any service, you can alter what is displayed on your account, regardless of what game or app you are on.

Don't want to be seen online while idling or playing a certain game? You can easily alter your status, displaying that you are either away, or offline - this can only be changed manually, and we will not change your status without your knowledge.

Game internet icon
Message icon

Message responder & logs

Inform your friends that you are currently away by using our services to customise potential response messages. These are entirely customisable, so be creative!

Have your messages logged for up to 30 days so you don't miss anything; these can also be easily deleted at any time.

More features icon

And many more!

These aren't the only features all of our services offer, feel free to check out the steam account settings to discover more!

These include: Auto restart, crash reports and more!

VAC Tracker

Track up to 120 people simultaneously for suspicious behavior
Each VAC tracker provides users a FACEIT level if the account is linked.
Ability to add notes to person/people you reported. (coming soon)
Clock icon

Interval checking

Each user on our VAC list is checked every 2 minutes during the first month of tracking. However, after the first month, this is increased, providing you with their VAC status on a daily schedule.

After 2 months, the user is removed from the VAC tracker.

Multiple accounts icon

Track multiple users

When choosing to track someone, you can track up to ten people at a time from a single request, meaning you have the ability to track a typical competitive lobby.


A service that completes overwatch cases automatically for you on CS GO.
Gain easy XP and an overwatch bonus each time a case is done!
Reclaim an outstanding trust factor by using this overwatch service!
VAC Shielf

VAC Notice

The services does not interact with VAC servers, meaning you will not be VAC banned from the cheat detection.

However, Steam / Valve do not tolerate automation and suspicious behavior, meaning bans are possible and may occur.

Use this service at your own risk, we are NOT RESPONSIBLE if your account is banned/suspended - You have been given a warning!

Whitelist icon


Ensure that your account doesn't get VAC banned by our system, by getting a whitelist pass that is added to your account, preventing it from being reported by the overwatch services.

This allows your account to report false for everything if it appeared in the overwatch system.

Hour idler

Idle as many hours as you want on any game(s) you desire.
Idle multiple games to increase the amount of hours you want at any time.
Nothing limits you from running our service 24/7!
Multiple games icon

Multiple games

Your account is not limited to Idling one game at a time; you can idle up to 30 games at any given time, allowing you to increase your hours on multiple games at the same time & no additional costs!

Trading card icon

Trading cards

While idling hours in games, you have the ability to receive trading card,  which you can craft into badges, that can help your account to level up quickly, or can be sold on the Steam community market.

CS-GO Stats

Review account or match stats in detail
Review the stats of any account of you please
Get live match updates of a user, from map to player score
Account icon

Account information

Review your own or someone else's current game stats in detail, going from general stats, to weapons and even maps. Every important detail is visualised on your screen.

Live data icon

Live game information

Track a user's current live match and it's progress at any time, showing key details such as current score to individual player scores - kills, assists deaths, etc...

All include
VAC Tracker
CS-GO Stats